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WordPress Accessibility

On March 21, 2016, the WordPress Accessibility Team announced that “all new or updated code released into WordPress core and bundled themes must conform with the WCAG 2.0 guidelines at level AA.” This is wonderful because WordPress runs 27% of the entire internet.
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Cat Facts, Animated GIFs, and Building Community Online

But what is a community? And what does the content shared in that space tell us about that community? Does the fact that a slack group of 120 people (students + faculty) produced around 5,000 messages over the course of a semester mean that we were "successful" in some way? And finally, how does my...
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Creating Community & Collaboration in Canvas

Don't be an egg! And other great advice for maintaining a presence and engaging your students in online environments.
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16 Creative Online Educators You Should Follow on Twitter Right Now

Some teach courses of 25 students. Some teach to thousands. Some write about online learning in critical ways. Some are experimenting at the edge of on-ground and online learning.
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Ethical Online Learning: A Town Hall

This is the work before us at University of Mary Washington — to carefully consider the unique and deeply human work we’ve done as an institution and how we will continue to do different (but still unique and deeply human) work in digital space.
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The Failure of an Online Program

I had long believed that online learning didn’t understand itself. That it was as a two-year-old child who discovers he can walk but doesn’t really understand the nuances of the ambulatory act, nor really even what walking’s for.
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The Flip That Matters

When you read about the flipped (or inverted) classroom in the media, the focus is almost always on course content. Look at this new way to “deliver” education to our students! And it’s personalized! The focus is typically on video, the internet, how the digital revolution will disrupt education as we know it.
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Building Community Online

As an Online Learning & LMS Specialist, one of the chief concerns faculty bring to me isn’t about the technology — it's about building community. The culture or atmosphere we create in our courses can drastically change the level of engagement and the depth of learning.
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