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Cryptoparty — Resources for Digital Privacy and Security

If you're interested in securing your digital content and protecting your digital identity online, check out these tools and take them for a spin.
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Introducing the Bootstrap Starter Kit

Bootstrap makes hand-coded websites not look so hand-coded. Here's all you need to get started.
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A Virtual Tool Parade

The idea of a tool parade is to get your feet wet … to consider what's possible, and come away with a handful of tools you might want to explore more deeply.
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10 Apps for Writing and Collaboration

A handful of apps for writing and collaboration that aren't made by Microsoft or Google.
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CryptoParty (ASCII art)

CryptoParty in the HCC!

There are things we can do to maintain the integrity of our data, to control our private digital identity. So we're having a party!
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Ten Simple Ways to Integrate Technology into your Teaching: A UMW Perspective

This piece aims to offer suggestions to faculty who may be just beginning the process of incorporating technology into their teaching. As you review these ideas, consider too that these are not “add-on” or “extra” elements—ideally, they will offer a way into the content that makes it not just more accessible, relevant, and engaging, but...
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Choosing a WordPress Theme

Choosing a WordPress theme can indeed be like falling down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. There is so much undiscovered potential - fascinating colors, layouts, typography, etc.
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Cat Facts, Animated GIFs, and Building Community Online

But what is a community? And what does the content shared in that space tell us about that community? Does the fact that a slack group of 120 people (students + faculty) produced around 5,000 messages over the course of a semester mean that we were "successful" in some way? And finally, how does my...
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Peasy Is Now in Public Beta

Educators are increasingly putting open licences on their content, making it legal to copy, redistribute, even remix that content for other purposes. But it's not always easy to remix that content. With that in mind, I've made a few significant updates to Peasy, an open-by-default web publishing platform. These updates make it even easier to...
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Jess’s Quick Guide to Plugins, Widgets, and Themes

There are thousands and thousands of plugins and themes in the WordPress repository. It can be kind of overwhelming…. Sure, you can filter each of theme by tags or features, but even then the results list can be large. I’ve written down some of the best practices that I follow and have found that work...
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