Digital Liberal Arts

New Resource for Faculty: Student Beta-Testers

Starting in the Fall 2018 semester, DTLT, the DKC, and the HCC are offering a new resource for faculty: Student Beta-Testers. These students have gone through training in metacognition, assignment design, and feedback techniques, as well as online learning, and are ready to “beta test” assignments or online courses. We ran a successful pilot during...
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This Month at DTLT – April 2018

It’s finals week, and everyone is busy closing out the semester. We’re sad to be saying goodbye in less than two weeks to our two aides, Bethany and Stefanie, who are graduating seniors. They have done tremendous work with us over the past academic year, and we are sad to see them go, but thrilled...
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Introducing Digital Collections: An Access and Preservation Platform

This is cross-posted from The Spinning Wheel blog, maintained by UMW Libraries Special Collections and University Archives. In celebration of Preservation Week, UMW Libraries is excited to announce the release of a new digital preservation and access platform, Special Collections and University Archives: Digital Collections, powered by Preservica. Simpson Library has been providing access to...
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Digital Fluency at UMW – Further Resources

Parts of this post come from the report Incorporating Digital Fluency at UMW. Our report has quite an extensive Works Cited section which clearly outlines all of the resources we consulted both internal and external to UMW. Those can be useful for background and information related to digital fluency, but I want to share some...
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Digital Fluency at UMW – The Process

Parts of this post come from the report Incorporating Digital Fluency at UMW. The purpose of this post is to outline the process we engaged in writing the report “Incorporating Digital Fluency at UMW.” As I wrote in the last post, this has been a long process, with key moments of the right people being...
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Digital Fluency at UMW – A History

Parts of this post come from the report Incorporating Digital Fluency at UMW. When I accepted the job here at UMW, it was no small part because of the groundbreaking work that was and still is being done here in engaging students with the web. As an “early adopter” myself (learning to hand-code HTML in...
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This Month at DTLT – March 2018

How is it April already? March was a blur of activity for us at DTLT, including a snow day that precluded Dorothy Kim’s scheduled talk. Fear not! We managed to get a podcast together, White Supremacy and the Academy, and had the pleasure of welcoming another guest, Kelly J. Baker. You should give it a...
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Dorothy Kim Visits UMW to Speak about Race, Gender, and Digital Harassment

On March 21st at 4pm in the Digital Auditorium, scholar and activist Dorothy Kim will be giving a talk entitled “Labor and Risk in Public Scholarship: Race, Gender, and Digital Harassment” as part of our Digital Liberal Arts series. Dorothy Kim teaches Medieval Literature at Vassar College. She is the medieval editor for the Orland...
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When Students Practice the Value of Voice

Get to know Lora Taub-Pervizpour from Muhlenberg College, our guest speaker for the next event in the Digital Liberal Arts Series.
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New DTLT Podcast – Closing Tabs!

The first episode of DTLT's podcast, "Closing Tabs," explores our Domain of One's Own Curriculum. Hosted by Lee Skallerup Bessette and Kris Shaffer.
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