Kevin Gannon Visits UMW to Speak About the Inclusive Future of Education

On November 7th at 3pm in the HCC Digital Auditorium, esteemed speaker and EdTech scholar, Dr. Kevin Gannon will be giving a talk on the inclusive future of education. 

There are a number of paths into the future of teaching and learning in higher education. Indeed, we see many of them already unfolding in our troubled present, and they are paths marked by scarcity, precarity, and sometimes outright hostility. There are, however, other paths available for those willing to take them. What if we imagined an environment for higher education distinguished by access, inclusion, and equity? In academia, we are taught to venerate “objectivity,” but that cannot be our way forward here. All teaching–indeed, all education–is political. Teaching and learning with inclusion and equity in mind is taking a stance. We should own that stance, and commit to a future in which all of our students can succeed.

Following his talk, there will be a panel discussion featuring members from last year’s Digital Knowledge Faculty Initiative featuring Dr. Marjorie Och, Dr. Julia DeLancey, Dr. Parrish Waters, Angie White, and Shannon Hauser. The event will end with a reception in the lobby outside of the Digital Auditorium where people can grab some snacks, a glass of wine or soda, and chat. Check out the event page on Facebook.

Kevin Gannon is the Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) and Professor of History at Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa. His teaching and scholarly work focus on critical and inclusive pedagogy; race, history, and justice; and technology and teaching. He writes for Vitae and The Chronicle of Higher Education, and has also appeared in Vox and the Washington Post. His forthcoming book, entitled Radical Hope: A Teaching Manifesto, will be published by West Virginia University press as part of their Teaching and Learning in Higher Education series, edited by James M. Lang.  In 2016, he appeared in the Oscar-nominated documentary 13th, which was directed by Ava DuVernay.

Gannon is known as @TheTattooedProf on Twitter and uses his social media presence to educate and promote excellence in teaching as well as social justice. DTLT is looking forward to having his advocacy for humor and scholarly teaching on campus to contemplate and discuss the future of teaching and learning at UMW. 

Kevin Gannon’s presentation slides