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Closing Tabs, Episode 5: Mike Caulfield and Trust Play in new window | DownloadIt started with a Tweet. I happened to look over at Twitter at just the right moment to see Mike Caulfield venting. We love Mike, having had him present to us here at UMW just last year, and I jumped on the chance to get him to record an impromptu...
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Bubble Performer by Vitaliy Paykov

Closing Tabs, Episode 4: White Supremacy and the Academy Play in new window | DownloadSNOW DAY!!! Well, sort of. The amazing Dorothy Kim was scheduled to give a presentation at UMW today, but the university was closed due to snow. But Dorothy was already in town, so a few of us braved the weather to meet her and record a conversation about white...
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The DJ Set by Paolo Nicolello

Closing Tabs, Episode 3: Teaching with(out) Social Media Play in new window | DownloadJesse and I have taught with Twitter for ages, often requiring students to create accounts, tweet about their coursework, even crafting assignments where a single tweet was the assignment. But we don’t anymore. Why not? What do we do instead? How do we help our students navigate the world...
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A photo of someone holding a magnify glass up to a book Photo by Jo√£o Silas on Unsplash

Closing Tabs Ep. 2 – Student Fact-Checking

In this episode of Closing Tabs, Lee Bessette discusses digital fluency and fact-checking with UMW professor Sushma Subramanian.
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A photo of headphones on a laptop by TheAngryTeddy on Pixabay

New DTLT Podcast – Closing Tabs!

The first episode of DTLT's podcast, "Closing Tabs," explores our Domain of One's Own Curriculum. Hosted by Lee Skallerup Bessette and Kris Shaffer.
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