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We’ve long supported creating podcasts and other audio projects here at DTLT and through the DKC. However, it’s been a while since anyone at DTLT has actually made a podcast.

Podcasting has experienced a kind of renaissance. The first podcast boom started in around 2004 with the release of the first iPod, but with podcasts like Serial becoming a runaway pop culture phenomenon and increased platforms and ease of podcast production, there is now a podcast for everything.

Including, now, DTLT.

Kris Shaffer and I are co-hosts of Closing Tabs. We will be having open discussions with our colleagues here in DTLT, DKC, and elsewhere in the UMW community, as well as guests who happen to drop by. We’re looking forward to sharing the work done here at UMW around the Digital Liberal Arts and Domain of One’s Own with a wider audience, while also keeping the community up-to-date on what’s going on at DTLT.

Our first episode is an introduction to the Domain of One’s Own curriculum, and we will be breaking down and talking about the individual modules as the first handful of episodes. Suggested topics are welcome, just email dtlt@umw.edu if you have an idea or would like to be a guest!

Subscribe to Closing Tabst by adding this feed to your podcasting app of choice: http://umwdtlt.com/category/closing-tabs/feed/.

Featured Image by TheAngryTeddy on Pixabay