Planning the Semester Ahead

As we emerge from our vacation spaces and begin to really look forward to the upcoming semester, we wanted to take the time to bring together some of the resources on our site and on our blog to help you feel less overwhelmed as you map out your course for the Spring 2017 semester.

As you are planning your course, we are organizing a number of events this semester as part of our Digital Liberal Arts series that you and your students may want to attend.

The Quantitative Liberal Arts
Town Hall (for faculty and students) — Wednesday, 3/15 at 4:00pm (HCC Digital Auditorium) with Mike Caulfield.
Design Sprint “The Quantitative Liberal Arts” — Tuesdays, 3/22 at 12:00pm (HCC 407)

Digital Citizenship
Design Sprint — Wednesday, 4/19 at 4:00pm (HCC 407) with Audrey Watters.

We want to draw your attention particularly to Mike Caulfield’s talk, titled “Digital Literacies For A Post-Truth Era,” which will be around the issues of digital polarization and rise of fake news, as well as Audrey Watters’ Design Sprint, “Protest Bots: A Critical Workshop.” We are approaching these DLA events with a renewed sense of urgency and purpose; we want to equip our students to be critical digital citizens moving forward.

Beyond your course schedule, here are a number of posts that can help with a variety of common issues and concerns that you may have in curating your course materials, tools, and technologies.

I would also like to point to our newly-launched Domain of One’s Own Building Blocks, to help you and your students think through the implications and implementation of the project into your course.

As always, we have our Documentation page, which provides basic support for Domain of One’s Own, WordPress, Canvas, and other commonly used digital platforms.

And finally, we are always happy at DTLT to assist you in any way we can. Visit our updated Work With Us page to learn about Classroom Visits, Streaming Video in the Classroom, and our Digital Roadmap. And you can always email us at

Looking ahead, once again, the Digital Pedagogy Lab Institute will be held here at UMW, from August 7-11th. We will once again have a number of scholarships for UMW faculty and staff to attend the event. So save the date!

This blog is just over a year old, and we are thrilled about it being a resource and community space for UMW faculty and beyond. We, at DTLT, wish you a Happy New Year, and looking forward to working with you during the upcoming semester!

Photo by Eric Rothermel licensed CC-0