Class visits from DTLT are opportunities for us to get involved with your class and them more about how the web works, digital media, and open source tools. They also help show students that their instructor is eager to try new technologies and is willing to learn alongside them. Ultimately, we want to empower faculty to feel comfortable introducing and working with students using new technologies. To get started, we have three class visits that are offering. Underneath are the class visit types, purposes, lengths, and when to schedule a consultation with us about them.

Digital Identity & Domain of One's Own: An Introduction

Purpose: Introducing the concept of digital identity and introducing students to DoOO as a means for exploring their digital identity. If you are teaching an FSEM, contact Martha Burtis, the Director of the Digital Knowledge Center.

Length: 15 – 20 minutes depending on questions.

Media (Video, Audio, Photo) Approaches & Resources

Purpose: Introduce the students to media production resources and media editing tools we have at UMW, or that are free, such as, iMovie, Final Cut Pro X, Audacity, GIMP, Pixlr, Photoshop, and Canva (infographics, posters).

Length: 10 – 20 minutes depending on how many kinds of media the students will be working with.

Mapping & Timeline Tools

Purpose: Introduce the students to open source mapping and timeline tools including Google My Maps, Storymap JS, and Timeline JS.

Length: 10 – 20 minutes depending on how many kinds of tools the students will be working with.

Leveling Up with DoOO

Purpose: Provide students with a variety of exemplary projects on UMW’s Domain of One’s Own and help them brainstorm and plan their own more advanced approaches to presenting their digital work, in general or in the setting of a specific class assignment. Appropriate for students already experienced with Domain of One’s Own.

Length: 45-50 minutes. A 15-20 minute presentation/Q&A will be followed by 20-30 minutes of students brainstorming ideas in small groups, with input from the instructor and the DTLT staff member.

Using Multimedia in Digital Assignments

Purpose:  The purpose of this workshop is to help students think through the various affordances of different media formats. Focusing on the various rhetorical strengths and weakness of various genres, students will begin to think critically about which forms of media they will incorporate into their assignments, as well as how to use a variety of formats together to make a more compelling and effective digital product.

Length: 45-50 minutes

Scheduling a Class Visit

Reach out to us before the semester starts if you are planning to use Domain of One’s Own, media production and editing tools, and/or mapping and timeline tools throughout the semester. If you are using, or want to introduce your students to the project, approaches to media production and editing, and/or using mapping and timeline tools later in the semester, schedule at least two weeks in advance of the class visit date. Since each class visit is unique, collaborate with us on how you are going to use Domain of One’s Own in your course. You can schedule a Class Visit consultation by emailing us at It’s helpful for you to be present during your class visit so you can help answer students’ questions, and so you can feel more comfortable with Domain of One’s Own, and a variety of digital tools.