Our Mission

The Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies is a group of creative, reflective educators and technologists who foster community around and drive advances in teaching, learning, and research, by developing pedagogical partnerships with faculty and academic units.

Work With Us

DTLT Menu of ServicesWe help faculty develop skills with digital tools including, but not limited to Domain of One’s Own, Canvas, Knightlab tools, UMW Blogs, Google Apps, WordPress, Scholar’s Lab tools, and digital media of all kinds. These tools, when integrated effectively and responsibly, can improve student agency and enhance the learning environment/experience. DTLT is committed to working with faculty to build digital capacity and agency, not only of students, but of faculty as well.

Not sure how to get started? Check out our Digital Road Map!

To start working with DTLT contact us to set up an initial consultation or dial x5814. The focus of the consultation will be to discuss pedagogical goals and the possible tools that could be used to meet those goals.

Critical Edtech

Reflective consideration of educational technology

Digital Pedagogy

Collaborate with us on experimental pedagogies

Online and Hybrid Learning

Sustainable and ethical approaches

Domain of One's Own

Fostering agency in digital spaces

Digital Liberal Arts

The past, present, and future of learning

Digital Media

Rich transmedia experiences

Classroom Visits

We’re happy to visit your class! Consult with us so we can schedule a visit and  tailor it to your class. Here are three examples of class visits we frequently offer:

  • Digital Identity & Domain of One’s Own: An Introduction
  • Media (Video, Audio, Photo) Approaches & Resources
  • Mapping & Timeline Tools

Learn more about what these class visits entail and how to schedule them!

We would also love to come to a department meeting and teach groups of faculty how to facilitate and feel more comfortable with these tools and concepts in your classes.

Full-Length Videos in the Classroom

Are you looking to make full-length videos available to your class? We recommend a few strategies and potential solutions on how you can incorporate full-length videos into your course without violating copyright laws: 1) Physical copy on reserve at the library; 2) Screenings in class or organized outside of class by faculty members only for students enrolled in the course; 3) Films listed as required material on a course syllabus and pointing students to paid sources for those films.

Here are some strategies for finding streaming video materials for students. And these are some additional resources and explanations of Copyright and Fair Use:

Working on something big?

Whether it’s a new course, a grant-funded research project, or perhaps you’re considering seeking a grant for a new digital project, we can help you find the right resources! Set up a consultation with DTLT. We’d love to work with you!