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Marjorie Och

Digital Knowledge Fellow

Marjorie Och is Professor of Art History (Renaissance, Baroque, Museum Studies) at the University of Mary Washington. She has published on Vittoria Colonna, Properzia de’ Rossi, the city of Venice, and Giorgio Vasari, and is currently working on Vasari’s accounts of cities in his Lives of the Artists. Her Museum Studies classes include research on the American artist Margaret Sutton (1905-90), a 1926 graduate of Mary Washington. Students are creating an exhibition of Sutton’s work (opens April 19 in the Convergence Gallery) and preparing a catalog of the exhibition.

Och’s project with the Digital Knowledge Faculty Initiative this year has been to explore online publishing platforms for this catalog.

Contact Info

Email: jstommel@umw.edu
Twitter: @Jessifer
Website: jessestommel.com