Stefanie Chae

Leslie Madsen Visits UMW to Speak About Teaching in the Age of Disaster

On March 13th at 4pm in the HCC Digital Auditorium, professor and academic technologist, Dr. Leslie Madsen will be visiting UMW to give a talk on designing a Liberal Arts Education for inclusivity— and survival. In the face of climate change, environmental injustice, gun violence, pandemics, mass migrations, and other challenges, liberal arts education is more essential than ever. How...
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Kevin Gannon Visits UMW to Speak About the Inclusive Future of Education

On November 7th at 3pm in the HCC Digital Auditorium, esteemed speaker and EdTech scholar, Dr. Kevin Gannon will be giving a talk on the inclusive future of education.  There are a number of paths into the future of teaching and learning in higher education. Indeed, we see many of them already unfolding in our...
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