A picture of professor Julia DeLancey

Julia DeLancey

Digital Knowledge Fellow

In the big picture, Julia DeLancey has been an art historian since a great high school class in Michigan, but more formally she has been one since she got undergrad and doctoral degrees in art history.  She taught Art History at Truman State University for 22 years and came to University of Mary Washington in the Fall of 2017.  She teaches a wide variety of art history courses on a wide variety of historical periods while her archival research focuses in on early modern Venice.

Julia is working on two projects for the Domain of One’s Own Faculty Initiative:  a database of archival information about color sellers in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Venice (from an article:  “’In the streets where they sell colors’:  Placing vendecolori in the urban fabric of early modern Venice”.  Wallraf-Richartz-Jahrbuch 72 (2011):  193 – 232.  http://www.jstor.org/stable/24666662.  Second, a larger website on art, art history, and disability studies which—she hopes–students in a first-year seminar on that topic, as well as in other courses, will be able to contribute to.