Our Team

What We Do .

Facilitate discussion of how and why educational technology is implemented at UMW

Drive thinking about the future of education and the digital liberal arts

Provide leadership around sustainable and ethical approaches to online and hybrid learning at UMW

Re-imagine where learning happens for both traditional and non-traditional students

Meet Our Team .

Photo of Jesse Stommel, Executive Director of DTLT

Jesse Stommel

Executive Director
Martha Burtis, Director of the Digital Knowledge Center

Martha Burtis

Director of the Digital Knowledge Center
Photo of Sean Michael Morris, Director of Digital Pedagogy Lab

Sean Michael Morris

Director of Digital Learning
Jess Reingold, Program Manager, Domain of One's Own

Jess Reingold

Program Manager, Domain of One's Own
Bethany Thomas, Graphic and Media Designer

Bethany Thomas

Office and Project Manager
Photo of Stefanie Chae, Student Aide

Stefanie Chae

Graphic Designer, Digital Pedagogy Lab
A picture of professor Parrish Waters

Parrish Waters

DTLT Fellow

Jenn Hill

Digital Factotum/Technologist
Katie Hartraft, Student Aide

Katie Hartraft

Graphic and Media Designer Student Aide