An Infographic of One’s Own

The University of Mary Washington first began offering domains and web hosting to all students, faculty, and staff in 2013. But the project did not begin there. As Martha Burtis relayed in her keynote at Digital Pedagogy Lab this summer, a long process of brainstorming, tinkering, and pilot projects preceded the whole-campus launch of Domain of One’s Own. Yesterday, Jess Reingold and Jesse Stommel posted the first in a series of accounts of the history of Domain of One’s Own. Today, we offer an infographic outlining key moments in the project’s history, as well as acknowledging the many institutions now conducting similar initiatives. (If your institution is missing, please let us know!)

Domain of One’s Own is a project that is deep, broad, and growing. As Jess and Jesse wrote, “we find ourselves looking back even as we look forward.” As we at DTLT collaborate with our faculty and students to keep imagining the future of Domain of One’s Own at Mary Washington, we are both humbled and exhilarated by the efforts that so many have ― and continue to ― put into this initiative, here and elsewhere. We hope this infographic becomes obsolete quickly, as new names and new projects emerge.

An infographic of the history of Domain of One's Own at the University of Mary Washington