WordPress Basics in a Multisite Environment

1.The Dashboard

The following videos will show you how to navigate the Dashboard, Admin Bar, what quick drafts are, and how to change your WordPress password.

2.Users, Tools, Settings

The following video will show you how to create, add, and remove users.

In the next video you will learn what some of the default tools are that WordPress has to offer.

Similar to the Tools video, in the video below you will learn what some of the default settings are that WordPress has to offer.

3.Activating Plugins and Themes

In UMW Blogs, you can Activate themes and plugins available in the greater UMW Blogs Multisite environment. From the Dashboard, when you click on Themes or Plugins, you can see the list of the pre-installed themes and plugins, and then activate them in order to have them on your blog.

4.Changing the Appearance

In the following group of videos you will learn how to change the appearance of your site using themes, the theme customizer, widgets, and menus.

5.Adding New Posts and Pages

Learn the difference between posts and pages and how to use them!



6.Organizing Content with Taxonomies

You can organize your content in WordPress by using Categories and Tags.

7.Media Library

The following videos will explain the media library, how to upload media, and how to use the image editor.

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