A picture of Martha Burtis, Director of the Digital Knowledge Center

Martha Burtis

Digital Knowledge Fellow

Martha is Director of the Digital Knowledge Center. In this role, she oversees a peer tutoring program that offers support to students at UMW who are engaged in digital projects and assignments. She works closely with her colleagues in the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies(DTLT) , coming in behind their work with UMW faculty to offer one-on-one student support. Prior to working as the DKC Director, she served as Special Projects Coordinator in DTLT, helping administer various faculty and student development projects, including the Online Learning Initiative and Domain of One’s Own. She has also taught classes in the departments of Computer Science and the American Studies program on digital storytelling and digital identity. She has worked in higher education for 15 years, previously serving as director of DTLT and as director of Web development at the University of Montana.

With this background Martha brings a unique perspective to the Digital Knowledge Faculty Initiative. She holds a deeper institutional knowledge of UMW, but does not necessarily fall into the traditions. Martha pushes everyone around her to try new pedagogies, particularly digital pedagogies, as she implements them herself in her courses.