This Month at DTLT – October 2017

Domain of One’s Own was featured this month on Fox 5’s College Tour visit to UMW! Lee spoke about DoOO as something unique to UMW and gives the students an advantage in acquiring digital fluency skills that they can carry with them into their jobs and beyond. Lee also moderated a faculty panel earlier in the month highlighting the experience and experience of a number of UMW professors discussing web culture in their respective disciplines. The talk was stimulating and really informative, highlighting the variety of approaches to being an academic online.

Nigel has been spearheading our work at the Stafford Campus, with our new DTLT Stafford Campus Office Hours! These office hours have been a resounding success and Nigel has enjoyed getting to know our colleagues there, as well as collaborating with them on their courses and programs. Nigel has also been working closely with a number of faculty on developing multimedia assignments involving photography and graphic design. In case you missed it, his photos are now on display at Red Dragon Brewery as well!

Jess has been working closely with those participating in the Digital Knowledge Faculty Initiative, working with them on developing their websites in order to showcase their (and their students’) work and research. She is also continuing to work on our DTLT website redesign, as well, and just finished her course in Information Visualization Theory and Techniques (which earned her some well-deserved vacation time in OBX!).

Stef and Bethany worked so hard with Jess to make The Convergence Movie premiere a success! Both Bethany and Stef coordinated a media campaign to promote the premiere and the movie and it was an amazing experience. They both have been working on our promotional and branding materials around Domain of One’s Own as well.

Have you ever wanted to make a hand-coded website in HTML but actually have it look nice? Kris devised a Bootstrap Starter Kit to help students and faculty who want to experiment with building a website “from scratch” but with a little help. We’re also grateful to Kris for parsing and writing up the results of our Faculty Survey. Elsewhere, his work on Twitter Bots was featured in Buzzfeed and Bloomberg. Kris and Lee also launched a new DTLT podcast, Closing Tabs. You should give it a listen!

And have a wave across the ocean at Jesse who is currently in the U.K. as the University of Warwick Visiting International Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning (IATL), funded by the University of Warwick WIHEA, Warwick International Higher Education Academy. You can see everything he’s been up to, but some highlights include a workshop on digital agency and another one on non-traditional forms of assessment. We’re excited to see what great ideas he brings back from his trip!

Looking ahead, the event we’re most looking forward to next month is a visit from guest speaker Lora Taub from Muhlenberg College who will speaking about Education and Social Justice as a part of our Digital Liberal Arts series. Join us on November 15th in the Digital Auditorium at 4pm, or follow along live online!

Featured Image by petradr on Unsplash