Installatron: Installing WordPress and other Applications

1.Installing WordPress

WordPress is an open-source publishing platform that can be used for setting up a blog or website easily. In fact, it’s one of the most popular publishing platforms on the web, and it’s the software that drives UMW Blogs and many sites for Domain of One’s Own. On UMW Blogs, you don’t need to install WordPress; everything is taken care of by just signing up for a blog. However, on Domain of One’s Own, you will need to install WordPress. Luckily, the process is simple and can be completed by following the steps in this tutorial.


    1. Go to and click Login/Signup.
      UMW Domains Log In button
    2. Login with your UMW NetID/Password. This is the same username and password you use to login into EagleNet and OrgSync.
    3. After logging in you’ll be redirected to your cPanel.
    4. Under Software, click the Installatron Applications Installer icon.
      Installatron Applications Installer
    5. Click the Applications Browser tab (it has a star above it).
    6. Scroll down to the Apps for Content Management section, and click the WordPress icon.
      WordPress icon
    7.  The page you are directed to gives you more information about WordPress. Feel free to read the page. Then click Install this Application on the right side of the page.
      Install Application in Installatron
    8. Before installing, you will select where to place the application. Select where it will be on your domain, either on a subdomain or your main domain. You also have the option of installing WordPress in a subfolder by typing in the folder name in the Directory field. You can learn about subdomains and subfolders here.
      Pick location of install
      You can keep scrolling, keeping all of the Version settings the same, and then once you get to Settings, you’ll want to enter in a new Administrator Username and Password. These credentials log you in your WordPress site, if you do not log in through DoOO. In addition, you’ll see two drop down menus. In the Course or Project drop down, select your course. If your course is not there, please email Then, under Status, please select if you are a student, faculty, or staff member. Then click Install.
    9. The installer will take just a few moments to install WordPress, and a progress bar will keep you updated. When it is complete you will see a link to your new WordPress site as well as a link to the administrative section for your WordPress site. Click the center administration link, which contains “/wp-admin/”, to access your dashboard. (You’ll likely want to bookmark this page for future access.)
      Logging into WordPress through UMW Domains

Congratulations, you’ve now installed WordPress! Now start customizing WordPress with themes, plugins, and more.

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