Group Projects on Faculty Domains

Domain of One's Own

Using your own domain, as a faculty, allows for larger class projects to take shape and exist within the same digital space. It also enables the students to engage in public scholarship collaboratively and in association with you, which can help with visibility and legitimacy for their work. There are a few options to where you can create this digital space, including subdomains, addon domains, and departmental domains. All of these domain spaces allow you to start with a clean slate, the only difference is what the URL looks like.

What is a subdomain?

A subdomain goes in front of your domain.

What is an addon domain?

A separate domain that is tied to your DoOO account.

What is a departmental domain?

A department can get a domain when either you or a colleague ask for an addon domain. The person responsible for the departmental domain will be able to create subdomains for their colleagues.


Technical Resources

Pedagogical Resources

We at DTLT can help you set up your domain and WordPress.

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