The Digital Liberal Arts at UMW: a Series of Conversations and Conversation Starters

When we launched our inaugural Digital Liberal Arts series last year, Jesse Stommel wrote:

The core of the liberal arts is what makes an institution like University of Mary Washington distinct — and what makes the degrees students get from UMW distinctly marketable. How, though, do the liberal arts find themselves inflected ethically within edtech, initiatives like Domain of One’s Own, fully online learning, continuing education? How does UMW grow ethically via these mechanisms while continuing to integrate the core values of the liberal arts?

Last year’s events were a resounding success, helping to continue some important ongoing conversations — and to begin some new ones. We talked about topics such as The Digital Arts and Sciences, Ethical Online Learning (embedded below), The Future of Higher Education, and Teaching Digital Literacy in a Post-Truth World. You can see all of our posts related to last year’s series on our blog under Digital Liberal Arts.

As both President Troy Paino and Provost Nina Mikhalevsky outlined in their opening remarks, kicking off the 2017-18 academic year, the future of UMW depends on our ability to maintain and enhance our position as a leader in the Digital Liberal Arts. This year’s series of events hosted by DTLT will continue this work, focusing specifically on issues of social justice, inclusivity and diversity, disciplinarity, public scholarship, accessibility, and more.

We will be kicking off the slate of Fall Semester events with an opening reception and “Tool Parade” on September 19th in the Digital Auditorium from 4:00-5:30pm. Members of DTLT will introduce a flurry of digital tools and will discuss how you might use them in your classes. Following the Tool Parade, we will be having a reception with refreshments to give you an opportunity to informally connect with us and your peers from across the university.

On October 12, again from 4:00-5:30 in the Digital Auditorium, we will host a faculty panel on “Web Culture in the Disciplines,” a chance for a panel of UMW faculty to share the variety of ways they engage in public scholarship online and beyond. As our Provost emphasized in her opening remarks to faculty, we are a public institution and we have the responsibility to share our work with the larger community. This is an opportunity to discuss ways we are already doing this important work on our campus.

For our final DLA event for Fall 2017, we are thrilled to welcome Lora Taub-Pervizpour, Professor of Media and Communication and Associate Dean for Digital Learning at Muhlenberg College (PA), which is a fellow Domain of One’s Own school. Her work explores the affordances of new digital media as resources for critical participation in democratic society, with a particular interest in new digital technologies and youth voice. Her talk around Social Justice and Education will take place on November 15th, from 4-5:30pm in the Digital Auditorium.

These events will be live-streamed with a Twitter backchannel on #DoOO. Visit our Facebook page to receive updates on the events, as well as our Events page, where you can find a full calendar with more details and a preview of our Spring events.

Featured Image by Pana Vasquez on Unsplash