Domain of One’s Own
A photo of a brown praying mantis by John T Howard on Flickr

Most Common Blog Post Types for Students

As a student there were a bunch of different kinds of blog posts I was assigned, each serving different purposes, and each having different tones. I reflected, summarized, analyzed, explained, and showcased in blog posts.
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A picture of "Hello, World!" in white on black. The image has a static look to it. by Dwanye Bent on Flickr

Claiming a Domain of My Own: Overwhelmed by WordPress

I see all of the potential of DoOO and think to myself, oh goodness, I’m not doing *any* of this. And when I look at the long list of potential themes, I think, these are all for people doing really cool multimedia things on the web, not for someone like me who focuses primarily on...
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A picture of an elephant plushie that has been splattered with yellow paint

Claiming a Domain of My Own: Choosing a Name

Most people are surprised that I don’t have my own personal website. I have a robust web presence through Twitter and my blog at, as well as my writing for platforms such as Hybrid Pedagogy, Keep Learning, and ProfHacker (according to Contently, 250k words for 17 different publications!). Because of this, I’ve never really...
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